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NFC: RE: sunnies and fish for that big tank

Orangspotted sunfish are definitely beautiful and would normally be very
high on my list of "fish to own".  However with this tank I'm going to try
to limit the population to fish native to my ara.  Unfortunately, I'm out of
their natural range.  Another fish I wouldn't mind owning is bluespotted
sunfish.  I'm hoping that a small population of them would coexist w/

The site does have a few other native fish that might work out.  Thanks for
the lead.

Fredericksburg, VA

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Hi, I have a friend who has a large number of young
sexable pairs of Orangespotted sunfish, Lepomis
humilis available.  This is an excellent choice for a
mixed community tank as they will coexist with darters
and minnows and are not nearly as territorial as other

You can take a look at his site below:


These fish were made available from a commercial fish
farmer and are perfectly legal in every sense of the
word.  He also has pumpkinseeds, but I recommend the
orange spots as they are kinder tank mates and will
allow you a lot more choices of tankmates in the
future.  Perhaps you can find someone in your area to
send you some Mountain Red Belly Dace.


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