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NFC: Looking for Pumpkin seeds or Orange Breasted sunfish

At the beginning of summer I bought a 75G tank to set up as a native aquarium.  I was very gung-ho but unfortunately only made it out twice this summer to try and collect my new residents.   No luck either time.  I was/am hoping to put some pumpkin seeds or orange breasted sunfish in there.  My wife is buggng me to finally get the aquarium off of the living room floor and w/ Winter fast approaching this is my last attempt to get this set up as a native fish tank before doing something decidely un-native with it. 
So, can anyone sell me 1/2 dozen or so native sunfish or lead me to someone that can?  I'd like something local to my area (central Virginia) and I was thinking that Pumpkin seed or Orange breasted would work out pretty well.  Of course I'm open to just about any suggestion.
Michael Brock
Fredericksburg, VA