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Re: NFC: bait store collecting

IndyEsox at aol_com wrote:

> I stopped in to a bait store last week to see if they had anything unusual in
> their bait fish tanks.  The owner told me that the unusual stuff usually
> shows up in the spring.  She said she usually throws those in for free for
> fisherman.  She also described what sounds like stickleback that turns up in
> the spring.
> Anyone else experience this or can explain the logic?
> Chuck Church
> Indianapolis, Indiana USA

      yep.......   small crappies, sunfish, rock bass perch and shad....    since
I mostly flysfish, my trips to the bait store these days (biweekly) are to feed
the bass in my tank, so I usually take the stranger home....    unfortunately,
never has much luck getting the small shad and crappies to eat anything...