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NFC: Fw: North American Native Killies Available

From: "Ken Normandin" <killieguy at hotmail_com>
To: "Killie Trade/Sell" <Killietrader at listbot_com>
Date: Wed, 25 Oct 2000 15:52:17 GMT
Subject: North American Native Killies Available
Message-ID: <F218ikaTAbNF44VEm0G000010c7 at hotmail_com>

Killie Trade/Sell - http://www.angelfire.com/biz2/killietrader

     I have the following North American native killies available.  All
$6.00 per pair:

          F. chrysotus
          F. cingulatus (two locations)
          F. escambiae
          F. lineolatus
          Lept. ommata
          Lucania goodei

     I also have a few non-killies.  Contact me for available species and

     Shipping prices are as follows:  $4.00 for the first pair (priority 
mail) and $.50 per additional pair.  $15.00 for the first pair (express 
mail) and $1.00 per additional pair.  I have a very limited amount of
so if you can provide your own it would be appreciated.  Send boxes to:

              Ken Normandin
              814 Ibis Rd.
              Jacksonville, FL 32216

     Or, contact me by e-mail or phone (904)724-6228 to confirm
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