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Re: NFC: raising crickets

I've gone several different routes raising crickets.  The more "approved" 
route was a tank (10 gal work fine).  A layer of pine shavings.  Stacked 
paper tubes (like insided paper towels or tp).  Threw in a handful of high 
quality dog food & an occassional chunk of potato.  Tuna can w/ a sponge cut 
to fit for a water dish.  Whenever I needed crickets, I just grabbed a tube 
& shook it into a bag.  Worked fairly well, but did stink despite frequent 

Less approved method but worked GREAT (no stink, no cleaning).  I took an 
empty fish tank, put aquarium gravel @4" deep, stuck in a few pockets of 
soil (about a cup of silt & sand mixture & charcoal mixture...my special 
potting soil blend :) ), took some dried spagnum moss and put a single layer 
of that.  Added water to the tank to within @1" (tried to create hills & 
valleys in the gravel) of the gravel.  Set a saucer w/ food (usually the 
good dog food) in an area easy to see, added crickets, and never looked 
back.  (I also stuck in some spiderplant babies for appearance).  I've never 
seen so many crickets in my life!  But I did have to work a little harder to 
get them out & size sorted.

Incidentally, I had this tank in my bedroom for a while.  I never smelled it 
but the #@$~!* singing got old after about 1/2 hour!

Good luck!
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