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NFC: Fw: Flier Editor

Today is both a time and sadness  and joy for me. As you can see by the
attached note from Konrad he is resigning as Flier editor. I have greatly
enjoyed working with Konrad over these past 5 plus years in NANFA and the
NFC and will miss his steady hand and support. However I am excited about
the unique oppourtunities Kon has and the possibility of new blood at the
editor helm. Kon will leave his mark in a book that promises to reach a
wide and divers audience. We will have a chance to move into a new season
at  the Flier. We at the NFC are better for knowing Konrad and could not
have made it without him. 

Thank You Konrad

So now is the time for all good men to ask not what can the NFC do for me
but What can I do for the NFC :)

Robert Rice
Save those Fishes,  Join the Native Fish Conservancy
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WANTED: FLIER NEWSLETTER EDITOR  Anyone interested in taking
the reigns into the next millennium, please submit an
example of your writing, which does not have to be fish
related, to Robert Rice at RobertRIce at juno_com or his
address provided on page 6.  With much regret, I have to
leave my post to join another worthy effort with NFC member,
Jay Hatch, in completing the Fishes of Minnesota.  The book
has experienced many bumps in the road over the last 20
years, but this time is a definite GO! I wish I were
Superman and do everything, but after 40 plus years, I'm
finally learning and accepting my limitations.  My tenure as
editor has been very enjoyable and memorable. I hope our
readers have likewise found the newsletter interesting,
entertaining, and educational.  Till next, when the new
editor reviews our book, continue to enjoy, caring, and
learn from our native fishes.  Please send article
submissions and membership dues to Robert until further


   Konrad Schmidt
   1663 Iowa Ave. E.
   St. Paul, MN 55106