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      Ive been putting together a book , or rather
books , from the internet on USA native fishes . The
biggest advantage is having information brought
together from several sources on a subject or fish
with maybe a variety of illustrations , photos ,
charts etc .. Also , the book can be devoted to a very
limited subject such as fishes of the Arkansas ozarks
area . The disadvantages are that the printer I have
produces printing and pictures of lower quality than a
book would have and the printing is single sidded
.Even so it is a very valuable resource to me .
      I use extra thick three ring binders and a three
hole punch from walmart . Dividers keep the subjects
in order and tabs make it fairly easy to locate
specific information . 
     The internet is loaded with information on every
phase of native fish interest and now that whole books
are becomming available on the internet ( fishes of
Wisconsin for example ) you can collect information on
a specific fish from universities , state DNRs
,associations , clubs , individuals and public and
private reserchers .
     Rather than clicking all over you can just print
it and add it to your referance binder . Flip open at
the correct tabbed divider and you have it all
     I hope this stmulates others to compile their own
internet book of fishes . Its almost like going out on
a collecting expedition . Its a kind of stormy day
expedition .


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