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Re: NFC: [Fwd: About darters]

I have few native darters, but do admire some of the more colorful ones. I
have a little exporting experience, and would be willing to trans-ship them
to Japan for a chance to skim off a few for my own amusement. (^_^) 

[That's a Japanese smiley. Same as (^_^; ,smiling, but I was not sweating

I have sent eggs, successfully, to Japan before, but never fish. It would be
best if they were tank bred, so one can truthfully declare "Domestically
produced tropical fish. No endangered or threatened species." The accurate
scientific (Latin) name is also mandatory, so their customs folks can check
them against the CITES list.

My experience is that tank bred and raised fish survive international travel
much better than captive wild fish, too. Collectors have far more trouble
getting them home than we do mailing their offspring around, usually.

If someone has an active breeding population going, I would suggest sending
eggs to Japan as more expedient and as having likelier success. Unless
gestation is really short (< 1 week) that might be the better way to go.
Check me off list for how to pack them.

Direct air mail is quick and easy to Japan. Air Express is a $100 minimum
charge, and only worth it for lots of valuable fish.


"Joshua L. Wiegert" wrote:
> Hello Hideharu Nishihara.
> Unfortunately, Darters are not widely commercially available, and only
> occassionally so!   Fortunately, though, there are a number of aquarists
> in the United States willing to jump into the nearest stream and help
> you out!  Anyone on the list willing to try export?
> Joshua.
> aQua wrote:
> >
> > Dear Mr.
> >      My name is Hideharu Nishihara.
> >       I am a fish breeder runninng the Aqua Breeders Club in Japan.
> > I saw your old log at
> > http://www.actwin.com/fish/nanf/month.9607/msg00003.html
> >       I am interested in breeding darters very much. But I don't know how
> > can I get them.
> > If you still have any good information about selling darter, please let me
> > know. If you offer good price, I will buy them from you. And if you are
> > interested in derters, I will be able to send you some darters of Japanese
> > spieces.
> >       I am looking forward to your quick responce.
> > Thank you.
> > Best regards,
> > Hideharu Nishihara
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