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NFC: AAT: phase 2

Hi folks,

	Just a quick update on the AAT setup.

	Luke's SRBD are now residing in the Barrington Montessori School
(BMS) tank. The kids were very happy to see new friends for 'Cray' the
Crayfish. They have not named the fish yet. They were milling around the
bucket when I brought in the fish to be the first to see the new fish.

	The teacher informed me that the kids were very interested in the
crayfish. In fact, they even counted the number of legs (4), pincers (6)  
and antennas (2). They also loved how the crayfish picked up the food in
its pincers and fed itself. 

	The school does not allow any pictures to be taken and sent over
the Internet. I respect their rules and hence, we do not have any
pictures. I do have a nice hand-drawn note from the kids saying 
"DEAR MR SAJJAD ThanK yOU VEry muCh ALL of uS 105 BMS". <grin>
I can scan that for the website.

	I am planning to put a small sign up there saying :
This aquarium donated and maintained by 
      The Native Fish Conservacy