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> Hello, Just thought I'd send a note. Some years ago, my wife and I lived
> in Hawaii. We were stationed there for about 4 years while I was
> attached to the Fleet Intelligience Center.
>     We took up diving there and eventually went all the way to
> instructor certifications. My very favorite Hawaiian is my Tesselata
> cowry, followed very close by my two Hawaiian Tigers. I went, (at the
> Navy's insistence) from Hawaii to the Philippines where we spent three
> more years, diving just about every other day or night. My last sea duty
> tour was on the USS BlueRidge where we visited ports in the indo-pacific
> area often staying for a week or more. Needless to say, much diving.
>     However, now, after three heart attacks and currently getting over a
> compression fracture on one of my vertebrae, I'm have thoughts about
> what to do with them. We have no children, so leaving them is out. I
> just kinda wandered on to the seashell sites and I'm looking for
> opinions. Out of respect for the animals I killed to get the shell, I
> ought to do something good with them. Any suggestions?
> Mal Mowbray, Waveland, Mississippi (Handtyd at aol_com) I tie fishing flies
> and build custom rods! hence the aol name.