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NFC: Re: Fw: online fish trading?


My dollar sunnies will eat anything that will fit in their mouths.  They are
quite opportunistic.  I've had smaller fish disappear with a big fat dollar
prowling back and forth across the tank.  They are now eating pellets that
look way too big for them to eat, but they swallow them whole and eat
several in one feeding.

Overall, though, they don't seem to be bullies.  A lot of people poo-poo
this, but I keep my natives mixed with tropicals.  I have little jewel
cichlids that own the tank and beat the crap out of the dollar sunnies when
they feel like it.  This is in a 135 gallon tank that is far from
overstocked.  So while they aren't wimps, I don't think they go looking to
pick fights and certainly shy away from very assertive fishes like my

The short answer is, yes, I think mature dollar sunfishes would have no
problem snacking on neon tetras.  You might want to try some gambusia on
them first.  :-)

Chris Hedemark
Hillsborough, NC
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> help
> Robert Rice
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> Hi,
> I'm a biology student from Reinhardt College in Waleska, GA.
> I am interested in joining online fish trading circles.
> I was wondering if you could provide me with links.
> I am intersted in obtaining Redbelly Dance,  Mexican Tetra, and 'pink
> lemonade killlies".
> I am also wondering if 'Dollar Sunfish" are big enough to eat neon
> tetras.
> Thanks
> -kidt
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