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Re: NFC: Fish Disease Help anyone

So now I am confused.  What should I be using?


Wright Huntley wrote:

> Scott Davis wrote:
> In response to:
> >
> > > The way to get rid of Chloramines is to double the Sodium Thiosulfate
> > > concentration, which will eventually break down the Chloramines.  That's
> > the
> > > stuff in dechlorinator solutions bought at pet stores.  Heavy aeration
> > also
> > > helps break Chloramines down.
> >
> > Be careful of using just Sodium Thiosulphate or Novaqua on chloramines. That
> > same thread that Doug Dame alluded to suggested that just getting rid of the
> > chlorine can lead to a fatal ammonia spike. Perhaps a better case can be
> > made for Amquel and the like. Still vigorously aerate if possible.
> I *strongly* second Scott's caution, here.
> I know of two really major fishrooms that were virtually wiped out by not
> understanding the dangers of hypo-based dechlor products. In thousands more
> cases, damaged gills and stunting have resulted as the ammonia burned, but
> didn't fully kill, the fish.
> The solution is trivial. Use "Amquel," "Prime," "Ammo lock2," or other
> products that *do* neutralized the combination of chlorine and ammonia.
> EPA mandates chloramine in most domestic water, these days, so get rid of
> any old-style dechlorinator product that you may have around before you do
> serious damage with it. Pour it down the drain.
> One clue is to look for ignorant marketing brags like "breaks the chlorine
> ammonia bond!" That's just about the *last* thing you want happening in your
> tank. The burst of ammonia is quite deadly if your pH isn't below 7.
> BTW, EPA is also mandating addition of lime o/e to get pH above 8 so your
> lead and copper pipes don't poison you. That and chloramine are a wicked 1-2
> punch for your fish if you use any product, like "Novaqua," based on sodium
> hypochlorite (photographer's "hypo") to strip the chlorine from chloramine.
> Wright
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