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Re: NFC: feeder fish

Hey Scott.

Feeder guppies are easily bred.  Put them in a tank with lots of places
for the little fish to hide -- lots of plastic plants work nicely -- and
let them go.   As far as feeder goldfish, they are goldfish... and
goldfish aren't up to spawning size or age until ... well, larger than
you're likely going to want. :)   
Lots of other livebearers make good feeders.   Other options, for egg
layers, are a couple of convicts, zebra danios, or white clouds.  All of
which are small fish, breed at a small size, and readily.  


"Scott D. Goett" wrote:
> Hey guys.  I was wondering if anyone could help me find info on breeding feeder
> fish (preferably small ones like guppies, little goldfish, etc.) to feed to my
> other fish.  I am hoping to find something easy.
> Scott