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Re: NFC: feeder fish

I am confused as to what costs?  I am not buying anything except maybe the
adults (unless I can get a few adult mollies during a gainesville fish
collection with Robert).  What other costs are there?  I have tons of flake
food for the adults.  I guess I will have to buy some fry food.  I may need
to add some more plants.  Otherwise I think it is just add adults and scoop
out babies.


Ray Suydam wrote:

> Robert is correct,
>                           It is really not cost effective to try and
> raise all you feeder fish needs, given the LFS prices. However, always
> check the outward health of any feeder fish before purchasing. Bad
> batches of feeders are more common that not, and can lead to all kinds
> of problems.
>   You can keep a few large tanks full of java moss,and livebearers of
> you choice, to use as backup feeders.
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