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Re: NFC: feeder fish

Sorry to say this, but I am not feeding natives (At least I don't believe it is
native).  It is for a leaf fish.  I believe they can probably handle up to 1-1
1/2 inch.  Yes, I hope someone can tell me how the breed rosies too and where
to get some to get started.  Also, can guppies and rosies breed together in a
tank (I have a spare 20 gallon long).  Thanks


Ty_Hall at eFunds_Com wrote:

> It don't get no easier then Guppies. Simply put them in water and they
> breed.The only problem is they are too small to be adequate feeders for
> most natives. Rosies (Fathead Minnows) are supposed to be fairly easy to
> breed and they grow a bit larger. I feed them to most of my fish. As
> younger fish they are good for Bluegills and smaller mouthed fish and as
> they get larger they are good feeders for Perch and Pickerel and such.
> Hopefully someone will post their methods for breeding Rosies (in an
> aquarium).
> Ty
> Hey guys.  I was wondering if anyone could help me find info on breeding
> feeder
> fish (preferably small ones like guppies, little goldfish, etc.) to feed to
> my
> other fish.  I am hoping to find something easy.
> Scott