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NFC: feeder fish

Hey guys.  I was wondering if anyone could help me find info on breeding feeder
fish (preferably small ones like guppies, little goldfish, etc.) to feed to my
other fish.  I am hoping to find something easy.


Anthony Andrew wrote:

> Are there any members in the Pittsburgh area willing to help Ron with his
> project?
> Tony Gustafson
> DeKalb, IL
> Ron Lutz wrote:
> I'm contacting you from the Carnegie Museum of Natural History in
> Pittsburgh. I've been asked to put together a proposal to set up a Native
> Species Aquarium here in the museum. I've already set one up in my home with
> a coworker/neighbor. It's been running for months and doing very well. Our
> scientific staff saw it and is interested in my doing one for display. I'm
> currently doing intensive research into how to do this one even better than
> my own. It's through this effort that I've discovered you site. I've made
> contact with NANFA, and am going to meet the local rep soon. He lives not
> too far from my fathers house infect. I think that with a little advice, and
> some good contacts this project could become a reality. I have been thinking
> about doing a stream tank that portrays French Creek here in PA. It has the
> most diverse species, and is has a unique history. This display would lend
> itself well to your program. How can we work together to see this display
> happen? We are already building the space that it would go into, so there's
> room.
>   Thank You,
>   Ron Lutz II
>   Carnegie Museum of Natural History
>   LutzR at CarnegieMuseums_org
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