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NFC: Re:NFC..everyone's favorites

Hi Kris... The StoneCat ( Noturus flavus), the Tadpole MadTom ( Noturus
gyrinus ) and the Slender MadTom ( Noturus exilis) would all be somewhat
close to your area. David Schleser's book, North American Native Fishes for
the Home Aquarium has info about MadToms and  the newly released book by
Robert Goldstien, American Aquarium Fishes, should give you all the
particulars you need. There are a few people in the Breeder's Program that
are trying ( some successfully ) to breed Madtoms in captivity so you might
start there in obtaining some of those.  While the Central LongEar Sunfish
 Lepomis megalotis ) isnt in your area, you cant go wrong with this very
colorful fish... Those from Luke McClurg are stunning !! The Red Shiners
 Cyprinella lutrensis ) are abundunt everywhere in their range so finding
some of those shouldnt present too much of a problem....
Hope this helps......
Charles A.
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> The mix sounds good to me so far, except I'm not at all familiar w/
> stonecats or madtoms.  Do you know where I could go to read up on them,
> size, habits, etc?  A scientific name would be great!
> thanks,
> kris