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NFC: Carnegie Museum Native Display Help

Are there any members in the Pittsburgh area willing to help Ron with his

Tony Gustafson
DeKalb, IL

Ron Lutz wrote:
I'm contacting you from the Carnegie Museum of Natural History in
Pittsburgh. I've been asked to put together a proposal to set up a Native
Species Aquarium here in the museum. I've already set one up in my home with
a coworker/neighbor. It's been running for months and doing very well. Our
scientific staff saw it and is interested in my doing one for display. I'm
currently doing intensive research into how to do this one even better than
my own. It's through this effort that I've discovered you site. I've made
contact with NANFA, and am going to meet the local rep soon. He lives not
too far from my fathers house infect. I think that with a little advice, and
some good contacts this project could become a reality. I have been thinking
about doing a stream tank that portrays French Creek here in PA. It has the
most diverse species, and is has a unique history. This display would lend
itself well to your program. How can we work together to see this display
happen? We are already building the space that it would go into, so there's

  Thank You,
  Ron Lutz II
  Carnegie Museum of Natural History
  LutzR at CarnegieMuseums_org

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