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Re: NFC: Re:NFC..everyone's favorites

The mix sounds good to me so far, except I'm not at all familiar w/ 
stonecats or madtoms.  Do you know where I could go to read up on them, 
size, habits, etc?  A scientific name would be great!


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>Subject: NFC: Re:NFC..everyone's favorites
>Date: Fri, 6 Oct 2000 12:18:53 -0500
>Hi Kristine... Just my opinion here but what about a few OrangeSpotted
>Sunnies, some Plains Killifish, Red Shiners in abundunce and a few 
>or MadToms ? There are other shiners that would provide lots of movement 
>color but arent quite in your area that would be nice such as the Northern
>Redbelly Dace and the Creek Chub....
>The Plains Killies might prove diffucult in the mix as they prefer really
>hard alkaline water.. Hope this helps...
>Charles A.

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