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NFC: okay, time for everyone's favorites...

It sounds like I will officially get my tank in 2 weeks (it's on order, paid 
for, & please, please won't fall through AGAIN).

It is 180 gal glass tank.  Two-light hood.  Standard wet-dry filter (sorry 
guys, I REALLY wanted one of those ATS filters but couldn't get the money 
for it in this year's budget).  Tank will be kept at an average of 72F 
(can't afford a chiller but building is AC/heated to a  pretty constant 
temp, a little cooler in winter).

It is intended as a warm-water native fish (native to NE Colorado) display 
in a Visitor Center at a national wildlife refuge in Denver where it will be 
used as as starting point for discussions of water quality, habitat 
preservation, and other assorted topics.

So now, given that I have essentially no money for fish except out of my own 
pocket at the momment, what would be good fish to put in here?  I would like 
to have fish that swim at all levels.  I was thinking two or three 
orangespotted sunfish for a midlevel fish?  maybe some plains killifish (if 
I can find 'em) for some size variety

I can landscape it however I would like to provide hiding spots, etc.  Live 
food can also be provided as I already raise crickets & guppies & mice for 
other environmental education animals, what's one more? :)

Suggestions and possible sources would be really appreciated.

Thank you,
Kristine W. Massin,
Education Specialist
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