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RE: NFC: Fish Disease Help anyone

Doug's response is true:  Chloramines are bound different and don't show up
on normal nitrate/nitrate/ammonia test kit.  Actually, I believe Chloramines
are a bit more toxic at lower concentrations, so they may not show up at all
due to the range of the test kit.  Many years ago I ran into that problem
and lost a batch of tiger barbs.  They spun out of control and some became
listless.  But all died in an hour.  The result is burned gills, and they
actually bleed to death.  The gyrations are from the pain.  It is also the
same for most poisonings.

The way to get rid of Chloramines is to double the Sodium Thiosulfate
concentration, which will eventually break down the Chloramines.  That's the
stuff in dechlorinator solutions bought at pet stores.  Heavy aeriation also
helps break chloramines down.

Kristine's post points out how deadly bug sprays can be, and the ease which
contamination can occur.  I recently lost a tank full of daphnia from rain
run off coming from the lab roof.  I'd sprayed bleach on the roof to kill
mildew (common Florida problem.)  My spray canister had been used for ant
poison.  The residual from what I thought was a clean canister killed them,
as the rain happened many days after the chlorine application.


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Josh wrote:

>>  I'm having a problem in my tanks.... The fish are
>>  dying off, slowly, one by one. . . . It started about a week ago...
>>  The fish show no symptoms at all.  They appear to be a little
>>  bit sluggish a day or so before they die.  Then, I typically find
>>  them dead.

Maybe your local water service recently purchased some water that has been
treated with chloramine instead of normal chlorine. If that's the case, you
could be thinking you're removing chlorine from the water you're using for
water changes, but not. Call your water co., to ask / see if Amquel makes a
difference / hold off on water changes.

(This idea inspired by a Wright Huntley posting some time ago on
Killie-talk, who as I recall also suggested that regular use of a TDS meter
can sometimes alert one to an otherwise stealth change in your supplied


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