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NFC: Fish Disease Help anyone

Hey Everyone.  I'm having a problem in my tanks.... The fish are dying
off, slowly, one by one. . . . It started about a week ago....  So far,
its claimed :  All my apistogramma (three sp.), all my angels, my female
Thorichthys eliotti, and two E. spectabile.
The fish show no symptoms at all.  They appear to be a little bit
sluggish a day or so before they die.  Then, I typically find them
dead.  In the case of the female Eliotti, she lost motor control and was
seen swimming eratically in the water.  The same occured in one of the
darters.  One of the angels was seen gulping at the top of the tank
shortly before he kicked.

Any guesses and suggested treatment?  Water paramaters are all good, no
ammonia, no nitrite, no nitrate ....  pH is about 7.2, hardness is mild.

Josh "What Else Can Crash Today?"