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NFC: Adopt-a-tank

	Well, the 10G tank is now setup at Barrington Montessori
School. It's only resident is a 3" crayfish with a couple of plastic

	The kids were really happy to see the tank and new crayfish which
they wanted to call 'Alex'. But, since we already had a student named Alex
in the classroom, they are going to come up with a new name soon. 

	I plan to go back next monday and do a water change. Since I only
used old tank water, the cycling should be pretty quick. I'll probably add
Luke's dace next monday. 

	It was a lot of fun for me. Thanks are due to the AAT volunteers
who donated stuff (Ray Sudam, Tony Gustafson, Luke McClurg and Ty Hall).

	I took some digital pics which I have not downloaded yet. I will
put them on the web soon.