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NFC: Slightly Off Topic: Heavy Duty Filter

Hey Everyone.

   I have an 80G custom tank.  Its about 18" high, and 4-5 feet long. 
This tank houses: One small male Stinkpot, one very large male Red Ear
Slider, one large female Eastern Painted, and  a female snapper, who's
bigger than any of the rest.  She weighs about 10 lbs.  
   This used to be filtered by a Regent Hang On Canister Filter, similar
to the Magnum HOT (In fact, to be honest, its either a knock-off or
Magnum bought them out.  I've been able to exchange peices.) 
Unfortunately, though, the filter clogged, the filter stagnated, and 
finally exploded.  (BOY was my wife mad! :)
   Weeeelp, unfortunately, the filter's no longer usable.  Any
suggestions on a new one?  BTW:  The tank IS drilled in the side (I just
have to remove a plexiglass slip over the hole), but this level is
higher than I keep the water level, by about 6-8".   

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Joshua L. Wiegert
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