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Re: NFC: Fw: DEN Alert: Help Save the Florida Everglades

I guess the question is why should or shouldnt the US government
reallocate tax payer money for everglades restoration. /

On Tue, 26 Sep 2000 15:01:10 -0700 Wright Huntley <huntley1 at home_com>
> robert a rice wrote:
> > 
> > Urge Congress to Restore the Everglades
> snip...
> Question: 
> Where do the outfits like the Defenders of Wildlife, PETA, the 
> Sierra Club,
> and various other forms of the "Green Bigot Brigade" get the notion 
> that
> *congress* is a fit place to accomplish their stated (public-only)
> objectives?
> Congress can only pass more laws. Don't we see the problems we face 
> by
> having too many already? A law is a legal right to use force to 
> accomplish
> some objective of society.
> Each new law is, by definition, another chip off someone's freedom, 
> very
> often it is their freedom to act responsibly. It nearly always 
> results in
> the "Law of Government Opposites" being invoked, so the exact 
> opposite of
> the desired goal invariably happens.
> a "War on Drugs" ends up as a government drug-price-support program 
> that
> floods our cities with really bad stuff. "Gun Control" ends up only
> disarming potential victims who need help most, and encourages 
> enormous
> increase the rate of violent crime. A "War on Poverty" creates an 
> entrenched
> welfare society with a huge bureaucracy very anxious to keep it 
> going. Need
> I mention mandatory government "education?"
> Prohibition of alcohol didn't last as long as the War on Drugs, and 
> the
> collateral damage was much less severe, but folks in that era hadn't 
> been as
> totally dumbed down by mandatory government propaganda camps, so 
> they were
> more able to change and adapt sensibly.
> I urge all who get this to *not* appeal for more congressional 
> freedom
> restrictions, but to seek out more rational ways to conserve the 
> Everglades.
> People can easily out-think the ones who would spoil wilderness, if 
> they
> try. 
> When it gets into the hands of the government, they will find it is 
> usually
> too late. Doors get kicked in and bullets spray. At that point it is 
> really
> tough to out-think anything!
> s the opposite of Progress? Congress, of course. <VBG>
> Wright
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