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Re: NFC: Fw: DEN Alert: Help Save the Florida Everglades

robert a rice wrote:
> Urge Congress to Restore the Everglades



Where do the outfits like the Defenders of Wildlife, PETA, the Sierra Club,
and various other forms of the "Green Bigot Brigade" get the notion that
*congress* is a fit place to accomplish their stated (public-only)

Congress can only pass more laws. Don't we see the problems we face by
having too many already? A law is a legal right to use force to accomplish
some objective of society.

Each new law is, by definition, another chip off someone's freedom, very
often it is their freedom to act responsibly. It nearly always results in
the "Law of Government Opposites" being invoked, so the exact opposite of
the desired goal invariably happens.

a "War on Drugs" ends up as a government drug-price-support program that
floods our cities with really bad stuff. "Gun Control" ends up only
disarming potential victims who need help most, and encourages enormous
increase the rate of violent crime. A "War on Poverty" creates an entrenched
welfare society with a huge bureaucracy very anxious to keep it going. Need
I mention mandatory government "education?"

Prohibition of alcohol didn't last as long as the War on Drugs, and the
collateral damage was much less severe, but folks in that era hadn't been as
totally dumbed down by mandatory government propaganda camps, so they were
more able to change and adapt sensibly.

I urge all who get this to *not* appeal for more congressional freedom
restrictions, but to seek out more rational ways to conserve the Everglades.
People can easily out-think the ones who would spoil wilderness, if they

When it gets into the hands of the government, they will find it is usually
too late. Doors get kicked in and bullets spray. At that point it is really
tough to out-think anything!

What's the opposite of Progress? Congress, of course. <VBG>


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          If it ain't broke, don't fix it -- and, especially,
            don't let politicians fix it. ... Thomas Sowell

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