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NFC: Fw: DEN Alert: Help Save the Florida Everglades

Urge Congress to Restore the Everglades 

Time is running out for Congress to approve historic legislation 
that would fund restoration of the Everglades - a unique wilderness 
in south Florida that is in danger of being lost forever.  Years of 
draining its wetlands and the impacts by development have taken a 
toll on the now-endangered ecosystem. The Everglades is home to more 
than 300 bird species, 11,000 species of plants, and numerous species 
of fish and marine mammals like the endangered Florida manatee. It 
also provides some of the last remaining habitat for 68 federally 
listed threatened or endangered species, including the American 
crocodile and the Florida panther. Fortunately, the Senate recently 
approved restoration funding, but the House has not moved to do the 
same. We need your help to urge the House leadership and your 
Representative to approve much-needed funding for saving one of 
nature's and our nation's crown jewels.


Send a fax today to your Congressional representative urging him or 
her to move quickly on approving funding for restoring the Everglades.  
If action is not taken before Congress leaves for the year, the 
opportunity may be lost to restore Florida's River of Grass.  Help 
make the unimaginable possible. 


If you have access to the web, simply click on the link below which 
will take you to the DEN Action Center web site:


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