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NFC: Fw: Oppose Senator Gorton's Anti-Salmon Rider! You can help!

Dear Friend of Snake River Salmon,

UPDATE ON THE GORTON RIDER: Gorton's anti-salmon rider is attached to an
"Interior Funding" bill and on its way to President Clinton's desk.

Snake River Salmon need your help: Please contact President Clinton to
Senator Slade Gorton's attack on salmon! Please take action TODAY!!

In less than 2 minutes, you can help in 2 ways:

(1) CLICK HERE to send a fast and furious email to President Clinton and
urge him to veto the Interior Funding Bill until Gorton's anti-salmon
is removed.


(2) PLEASE CALL the White House at 202-456-1414 and urge President
to veto the Interior Funding bill until Gorton's anti-salmon rider is

Senator Gorton is trying to sneak a "rider" onto the Interior spending
that jeopardizes salmon by taking recovery options off the table.  His
rider will block funding for any studies on removing the lower Snake
dams or for any studies on investing in local communities who may be
affected if the lower Snake dams are removed in the future.

The Clinton/Gore salmon plan directs federal agencies to study how to
bypass the four lower Snake River dams and how to take care of affected
communities if the federal agencies decide that dam removal is the only
hope for saving wild salmon. Gorton's rider will prevent these studies

Once again, Gorton is shutting the public out of the process by sneaking
rider on a bill. This is bad process and bad policy. By taking recovery
options off the table Gorton is jeopardizing the entire Clinton/Gore
recovery plan.

Stay tuned for updates on this rider.

THANK YOU FOR YOUR SUPPORT! With your help, we will succeed in restoring
healthy Snake River, recovering its wild salmon, and aiding the
that depend on them.
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Joseph Bogaard
Save Our Wild Salmon
sos at wildsalmon_org