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NFC: Admin Blathering: Lists, Help, Stats, etc.

Hey Everyone.

I'd just like to extend a welcome to our new Actwin Mailing List Members
on the newly moved Adoptatank and NFCPonds lists.  There's also the
BPEzine list, for people just interested in that little bit of data on
the breeders program, who I try hard not to bother with too much e-mail!
:)  Since we've got all these lists, I figured I'd give everyone the
list synopsis, help on the lists, etc. again.
The lists are:
NFC at actwin_com
This is our main list.  Its open to any discussion you wish to have in
relation to the Native FIsh Cons, Native Fish, or the like.  This is a
fairly high volume list, with an average of roughly 150 messages a
month.  Web archiving is available at http://www.actwin.com/fish/nanf/

NFC-Digest at actwin_com  
This is the same thing as the main list, but it is a digest form.  That
means that all the days messages are rolled into one message and sent
out when it reaches a certain size or daily.  

This is the Breeder's Program's List.  You can discuss any issue about
breeding native fish here.  Members of this list are welcomed to post
replies to the main one.  Its a fiarly low volume list.  Web-archiving
is not supported.

Got a pond in your yard?  Looking to stock it with something other than
koi and goldenfish?  This is the list for you.  This is the list to
learn how to set up backyard ponds in a more natural, native setting. 
Its also a great list for getting information on reclaiming that natural
pond thats in your yard and turned to a gambusia mat!
This list is fairly low volume, and web-archiving is not available.

The Fish Wish List is the list for auctions, or sending out requests for
a fish, or making announcements on what you have available.  This is a
low volume list, and web archiving is not available.  

Our Adopt A Tank Program is unique!  NFC Members set up a
native-fish-tank in a library, school, hospital, or office and take care
of it for a short while, slowly teaching the faculty of the facility to
take care of the tank!  This low volume list is a great way to learn how
to get involved, or to just learn how to get involved.  Web archiving is
not available.

To subscribe to any of these lists:
Send a message to : Majordomo at actwin_com
In the body, subscribe <list>

If you want to get off of one of these lists, 
Send a message to: Majordomo at actwin_com
In the body, unsubscribe <list>

If you ever need to reach a real live human being, contact:
OWNER-NFC at actwin_com, or JLW at dune_net.  

Now, the boring stats for the year.
Summer's quickly winding down, and most of us will be entering our
hibernation mode, where all there is to do is watch hockey and feed the
fish.  As it gets colder and colder, we'll have less inclination to go
collecting.  Worse yet, school's getting geared up, and those of us with
an .edu account will find life getting too hectic to be bothered with
the lists much!  :(  
The list will settle down over the next few months, right up until
spring.  This has been a quiet year for the lists.  The main list saw a
peak this august of 224 messages.  1999 had a high of 408 messages (In
january, oddly enough.)  Hopefully, we'll stay busy and keep chatting. 
A lot of our good reliable posters have been really lately -- you guys
still alive out there?  <Knocking on computer monitor.>    

The biggest boost we've seen lately is someone willing to spear up the
ERP again, Chris Guppenberger.  Hopefully, the ERP will ge tgrowing
really well... I might be bugging Actwin for a new ERP list if it gets
growing well enough!  

Joshua L. Wiegert
NFC Lists Administrator                          JLW at pi_dune.net
www.geocities.com/RainForest/Jungle/1680/        owner-nfc at actwin_com
ICQ 69553561                                     AIM UID: Etheosoma
Feel free to contact me by any of the above means for any reason.
   tIqDaq HoSna' tu'lu'           nIteb Qob quD jup 'e' chaw'be' SuvwI'
NFC Lists include the main 'NFC' list, 'NFC-Digest,' 'NFCBreeders' and
Fish Wish List (FWL).  To subscribe to any of these, e-mail
Majordomo at actwin_com with the command subscribe <listname>.  To
unsubscribe, use the command unsubscribe <list>.  Help returns a list of
other commands, or feel free to contact me at Owner-NFC at actwin_com.  All
lists are @actwin.com. Come join us and chat about our native fishes, or
visit http://www.nativefish.org!