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NFC: Re: Orangespotted sunfish in tanks??


Orangespotted sunfish do quite well in the aquarium.  They are not picky
eaters but will eat anything they can get their sizeable mouths on.  Males
become territorial but in 180 gallons you should plenty of room for them.

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Subject: NFC: Orangespotted sunfish in tanks??

> Does anyone know how orangespotted sunfish are in aquariums?  My 180 gal
> tank should be delivered & setup in about 2 weeks and I STILL don't know
> what kind of fish I want in there yet.  It's for a nature center in NE
> Colorado (shortgrass prairie) & I want fish native to the area.  I really
> would prefer several smaller fish rather than one or two big
>   Orangespotted sunfish seem to meet the bill so far, though I would like
> couple others in there too.  This will be a warm water tank.
> Any suggestions are welcome!
> -kris
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