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NFC: WORLD NEWS REVIEW, Thursday, September 21, 2000 (fwd)

Thought these were interesting enough to post.


>ASSOCIATED PRESS, September 19-Florida water officials doubted Tropical
>Storm Gordon's up to 4 inches of rain would do much to relieve the
>drought that has plagued much of the state.
>     Near Tampa, where the year's rainfall is about 20 inches below the
>average of 51 to 53 inches, Gordon left as much as 5 inches of rain.
>However, most of it did not seep into the ground.

>                THE ELECTRONIC TELEGRAPH, September 3, 2000
>   Extremists from a collection of hardline racist organizations have
>participated in a spate of demonstrations against animal testing in
>recent months, mingling with protesters.
>     The neo-Nazi groups are frequenting animal rights demonstrations in
>an attempt to capitalize upon tension and controversy generated by the
>issue. Many of them subscribe to Adolf Hitler's original doctrine of a
>vegetarian, chemically untainted organic society in which vivisection is
>     Their template is the so-called "Blood and Soil" doctrine drawn up
>by Hitler's agriculture minister Walther Darre. Their adherence to
>racist doctrine, is however, only thinly veiled. Part of the ethos is a
>vilification of what they call "alien ritual slaughter"-a reference to
>Jewish and Islamic methods of preparing meat.