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NFC: Fw: Pond restoration

A new NFC project :) Penasecola area folks feel free to help !

Robert Rice
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Date: Wed, 20 Sep 2000 09:47:07 -0500
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Thanks for the help with the killies. Contacted Gray and set up a trip for this saturday. Dick Stober will be unable to go with us. He will be out of town for about a month. My daughter's elementary school has a "pond" on the school property that they want to turn into a wetlands habitat. It is near the base of the city water tower and is currently home to thousands of crawfish. The water supply is erratic and is basically supplied by the city workers doing routine maintenance on the tower. They have agreed to supplement the rainwater as needed. I am going to offer to stock the pond with fish and plants and would like to pick your brain from time to time. I believe this will be a good way to educate the kids about our native species and get them involved in conservation at an early age. Our city school system has an excellent science curriculum. Our K-1 center has a science building, called The Pelican's Nest, that is staffed by a degreed marine bioligist. Any advice you could give would be greatly appreciated.
David Smith