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NFC: Fw: The final solution to the Ichetucknee Cement Kiln Problem

Editor and River Lovers,
    In the September 19th meeting Lloyd Bell, owner of the Port of Ft. 
Pierce, revealed his capability of importing Portland cement approved by
US Air Force for construction of runways in Saudi Arabia, made by Saudi 
national and private companies. Saudi cement costs $35-60 less than
cement, since the raw materials are available in Saudi and the energy
natural gas, is a byproduct of oil production.  Saudi standards for
production are less polluting than here in the US.  The use of coal as
energy source is the prime cause of pollution in US plants.  Lloyd Bell
the capability of offloading cement into deep-water ports about 70 miles 
offshore of the Port of Ft. Pierce.  
    Hussein Salem of Saudi Arabia represents national and private Saudi 
cement companies who can guarantee delivery of one million tons of cement

manufactured and transported with oil costing $3 per barrel, compared to
US price, rising, but currently at $36 per barrel.  Until now, Salem
that no port in Florida will import his cement.  US Cement manufacturers
bought up all of the silos at the ports and have boycotted any enduser
agrees to buy Saudi cement.
    Lower cement costs will be a boon to the consumer; little pollution
result from the importing of cement.
    General Bowen Ballard, reserve officer in the US Air Force and a
consultant to Department of Defense for Intelligence, was present at the 
meeting to verify that the Saudi businessman and the cement companies do 
exist and are reliable.  General Ballard and Lloyd Bell will travel to
Arabia within the month to confer with Crown Prince Abdula concerning the

cement transaction.
    CSX Railroad has tracks into Ft. Pierce and will be able to transport
imported cement, eliminating truck traffic, and with significantly less 
pollution from diesel engines, than trucks create.
    Suwannee/American owner Joe Anderson has been contacted by Lloyd Bell
Hussein Salem, as have his competitors.  Anderson has responded with some

interest to the proposal of importing Saudi cement.  Considering Anderson
the shrewd businessman he is, our hope is that he will realize the
environmental, and political benefit to importing cement rather than 
continuing on the environmentally disastrous, problem-laden, legally 
expensive proposed cement kiln sited three miles from the Ichetucknee
    It is our hope that Governor Bush will urge Anderson to cease kiln 
construction plans and the Governor will step in to initiate legislation 
upgrading standards for clean industry in buffer areas surrounding 
Outstanding Florida Waters and Florida State parks.  The Governor can
areas around Outstanding Florida Waters and Florida State Parks Class 1 
areas,  providing higher air and water standards for these pristine
    Presidents Theodore Roosevelt, Jimmy Carter, and Bill Clinton have
the Antiquities and National Environmental Policy Act to preserve
treasurers.  President Clinton used this Act to preserve Utah's
Plateau in 1996.  Candidates running for November election in Florida
be well advised to propose similar State legislation designed to protect 
Florida's natural and historic treasurers.  
    Governor Bush and David Struhs have the opportunity to relieve
Floridians of one of the major environmental upsets created by 
environmentally asleep industrialists.  Considering the law suits now
against Joe Anderson relating to his abuse of the environment, and the 
incentive of importing cement at less than he will spend producing it, it
our hope that the importation of Saudi cement through Ft. Pierce will be
final solution to the Ichetucknee Cement Kiln problem.
Virginia Seacrist
SICK, Chairperson