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Re: NFC: WORLD NEWS REVIEW, Tuesday, September 19, 2000 (fwd)

I've heard of this from realtives in the Perryton area. As if water is 
not already at a premium there, things will get that much tougher. I 
hear good offers are being made for property water rights. The thing 
is this - if one farmer/rancher sells "his" part of the aquifer, then 
everyone else will be affected. Since the whole system is 
connected, all it takes is for one guy to be bought out. Others 
holding out can't do anything. Since the rate of replenishment is 
relatively low, water levels will keep on dropping. It doesn't take a 
rocket scientist to figure out that this screws everything up in the 
worst way for all future generations in the area. The land will 
potentially become worthless. Sort of sounds like an underground 
version of the tapping of the Colorado several decades back...


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