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Re: NFC: Fw: Aquaculture

I think the answer would have to be yes.  From a U.S. perspective, aquaculture - as most consumers see it/know it - revolves around salmon, catfish, and tilapia.  But in Asia, milkfish, tiger prawn, oysters, and a host of others are raised commercially.  Can it help reduce the pressure on wild stock?  Yes.  Does it have risks?  Yes.  But if managed correctly, this has GREAT potential, as I see it.

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To: <president at nativefish_org>Date: Mon, 18 Sep 2000 14:45:40 -0700Subject: AquacultureMessage-ID: <001a01c021b9$ccb5b260$d2eaadce@computername> Is aquacultre a good thing?In other words, can farm grown fish provide humans with fish to eat thereby relieving the pressure on wild stock?I am having a hard time getting a clear view of this issue. 

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