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Re: NFC: adopt-a-tank opp

Sajjad, I have a crayfish that I would be willing to give you for the
project. Let me know if you need it.


     I'll be presenting to the children at the Barrington Montessori
School on Oct 2nd. Their teacher has announced in the school newsleter
that the Native Fish Conservacy will be setting up a native fish tank in
their classroom. I plan to bring the tank and some tank water to start up
the tank along with a sponge filter and plastic plants (crayfish would
tear up any other plants). I'll probably toss in a few snails for
something to look at.

     After the tank is setup, I'll explain to the kids that the tank
has to settle for a week before fish can be added. I'll talk about
responsibility of taking care of fish, water changes etc. Probably will
find a way to talk about native fish and the NFC. And, I'll take some

     After a week, I'll go there and add some rosy-reds and regular
fathead minnows and a crayfish if I can get one. If I can't find a
crayfish, I'll throw in some hornwort and java-moss.

     Any other suggestions?

     Could the folks who generously donated the fish food and the
sponge filter/pump, please ship them to me? My address is:
Sajjad Lateef, 460 N. Wilke Apt 104, Palatine, IL, 60067-4171.
Thank you.