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NFC: NFC sponsored Gainesvile collecting trip this weekend

OK Folks here is the Plan...Meet at my House at 10:00 am Sunday morning for a cup of coffeee diet coke or whatever , socialize for a bit . Talk about doing some projects Locally Like Adopt a Tanks and the Audobon Pond and whatever else.
11 oclock - Then its off to POE Spring near High Springs 4$ per person entry fee....Its a very family friendly place on the Santa Fe river it has cook out places showers Restrooms and canoing and of course swimming in the crystal clear waters of the Spring itself. So Bring the Family and the kids ! After collecting go antiquing in Downtown High Springs it should be a real low stress place to do some collecting and learn the basics of fish field collecting and ID.
Fish wise we can expect to see heterandria formosa, gambusia, ellasoma okeefenokee,Sailfin Mollies, Blue Fin killies , and with a rod n reel you may catch spotted bullhead. I will of course be bringing some extra collecting gear. You should bring a bucket a net if you have it and someone bring some fishing poles and small hooks to see if we can find the elusive spotted bullhead. Also a great place to collect plants for your pond or aquarium. A fishing license is nessecary for hook and line fishing  with a dipnet you may take "bait" fish without a license.
call me at 352-337-9676 to confirm and get directions all are welcome !

Robert Rice
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