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NFC: DC Collecting -- When and Where

Hey Everyone.

I haven't gotten a lot of responce on it, but ... here goes. . . .  
We'll be collecting THIS SATURDAY on the POTOMAC, in DC, unless anyone
has any better ideas. :)  I'm going to try to come up witha  more
specific spot.  We'll probably start around noonish, and continue on
until .. well, until everyone gets tired.  

I've looked over, and some of the stuff we're likely to get are small
sunfish, various dace, shiners, and minnows, sculpins, and a few
darters!  I'll be bringing along a minnow trap, my umbrella net, a kick
net, and if I get them untangled, a small seine and a cast net.  If
anyone wants to come, bring whatever you've got.   Buckets are a must,
too!   Feel free to bring a rod and reel, and the wife and kids. :)  

Joshua L. Wiegert
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