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NFC: Fw: NFCPonds: backyard pond in Texas

From: Dexter Turner <daturner at directlink_net>
To: nfcponds at actwin_com
Date: Wed, 13 Sep 2000 15:43:05 -0500
Subject: NFCPonds: backyard pond in Texas
Message-ID: <39BFE6D9.613195D4 at directlink_net>

I'd like to keep native fishes in my backyard pond, though they will
have to co-exist with 2 koi I've had for a while now.  Hopefully someone
on this list can answer my questions.  I have several.

1) I somehow wound up with some mosquito fish ... I think they piggy
backed in on some new plants.  They seem to be reproducing at a pretty
fast rate.  I assume some native fish would take care of that problem,
if not eliminate it, but will they live peacefully with 2 large koi and
2 large comets?

2) I already have 2 small bream (maybe?) that my son caught with a net
at the lake. They seem to be thriving, but do they need any special food
... they are much faster than either the koi or goldfish at scarfing the
koi pellets.

3) The pond is ~2000 gallons, not including the waterfall.  Any
guidelines for how many fish a pond this size can support?

4) The big question ... where can I purchase native fish?  There used to
be a site called 'jurassicfish' but that doesn't work anymore.  Failing
that, what is the best method for 'catching' native fish.

5) Where can I investigate local laws for keeping native fish?  I've
heard that there may be regulations and I don't want to mess with Texas
Game Wardens.

Dexter Turner