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Re: NFC: Fish Collecting

I am mostly interested in plecos and catfish, but have recently been
fascinated by darters and some killifish.  I just cant believe how
incredibly colorful they are and yet I never see any in the local fish
stores, but I haven't really been looking specifically for them.  I also
have been recently dreaming about the day when I cam afford to go on a trip
some where to go fish collecting (like Peru or something).  Then I for some
web sites (namely the NFC) on collecting here in the US and was intrigued.
Although we don't have many fascinating catfish that can fit in my tanks in
the US (as far as I know), I am still very interested in trying fish
collecting here.  Partly because I can't afford to travel and maybe partly
because the plecos I have are beginning to lose their novelty.  Anyway, any
help and direction you can give me, or if you are planning any local (or
atleast in FL) trips that you wouldn't mind me and my girlfriend tagging
along on, it would be greatly appreciated.


robert a rice wrote:

> Im in Gainesville.What are you interestied in ?
> On Mon, 11 Sep 2000 20:27:15 -0400 "Scott D. Goett" <sdgoett at ufl_edu>
> writes:
> > I was hoping to find out more about fish collecting in my area/state.
> >  I am in
> > Gainesville, FL and also have close ties to South Florida.  I was
> > hoping to find a
> > book or website or something that could tell me exactly where to go
> > to get specific
> > fish.  Recomendations as to what equipment to invest in would be
> > appreciated too.  I
> > am interested in getting my hand on some darters.  They look like
> > incredibly
> > beautiful fish, but I can never find them in any fish stores.  Why
> > is that?  Are
> > they hard to keep.  Anyway, any info would be appreciated.  Thanks.
> >
> > Scott
> >
> >
> Robert Rice
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