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NFC: DC Area People -- Collecting Anyone?

Hey Everyone.

If any of you are in the DC area, I'm attempting to put together a
collecting trip this weekend.  I'm aiming at the Potomac, but am very
open to suggestions as to where on the Potomac, or any other sweet spots
you may want to share.  I'll be bringing along some various collecting
tools -- Umbrella net, kick net, minnow trap, and my small seine and
cast net, if I can get them untangled from one another. :)  I'll
probably give a little schpeel about the NFC, collecitng, what we can
expect to find, and so on, as well as <cough cough>  demonstrate some of
this stuff.  :)  So, if you're looking for comedy, a bit of collecting,
a chance for fun, and going to be in the DC area this coming weekend,
let me know privately.  

Joshua L. Wiegert
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