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NFC: PVAS Auction

Hey Everyone.

Today, I went out to the (still ongoing, actually) auction held by the
local aquarium club, Potomac Valley Aquarium Society
(http://www.pvas.com).  For those of you lucky enough to live in an area
with an aquarium club, if they hold any auctions or meetings, its a
really great thing to go to -- especiallyt he auctions.  I've never been
a real "club" goer, but decided, "What the hey, I can use some female
Sajicas and a nice female Betta, maybe they'll have them."  
Unfortunately, they didn't, but that's not to say  I didn't come away
with a lot of other stuff.  

I managed to pick up a nice bunch of "clean" riccia, some Bacopa, and a
lot of really nice tropicals.  All in all, I probably came away with
200$ worth of really nice fish and plants.  Total pricetag was only 80$
-- of course, thats only 60$ more than I intended to spend, and of
course I didn't manage to get the three things I came for.

Aside from being able to get a good deal on fish, there's a lot more to
offer.  First off, you know the fish you're buying are healthy, good
stock.  They're not something thats survived the wholesalers and are now
surviving in some dealer's tank.  They're fish that were swimming
happily in someone's tank at home, probably have been for a while.  Or,
they're spawn of really nice, healthy fish.  Moreover, they're coming
from your area.  You don't have to worry about the fact that you live in
Area A, with nice, soft, acidic water, but the wholesaler lives in Area
B, where the water is chisselled out of the faucet. :)   

Its also a great way just to get to know people with a similar
interest.  You get to talk to people, see what other people in your area
are keeping, and the like.  Further, its a great way to meet collecting
buddies.  I know there were more than a few people into natives there. 
Unfortunately, I was too busy spending money to really get a chance to
talk to most people.  But, its gotten me excited enough to look into
going to the monthly meetings, and so forth.  

All in all, its 10$ on a years membership well spent.   Hopefully, the
NFC will be seeing some RL type meetings in the near future.  If you're
in an area where there's an active NFC Chapter or district, or even if
you just know there are a lot of NFC people around, try organising irt
up to a meeting or anything of the sort!

Joshua L. Wiegert
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