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NFC: NFC And the Nature Conservancy...

Fellow Conservationist,

As many of you know since our inception 2 years ago it has been our
intention to do greater conservation work. While we do well in the small
programs we have , we have always desired to add ourselves to a big
project. With our relativly small membership and no full time
administrative staff that seemed a unlikley task.

To find and admistrate a project would eat up the few thousand dollars we
could donate for a project.So we appeared to be in a real quandry.Then
entered the Nature Conservancy and their Rivers inititive. They have
offered to partner with the NFC.They have several small Projects that the
NFC could make a big difference in. They will be handling all the
administration of the small project. We will be donating our $$, our
input and any volunteer help we can muster. We will be working together
on selecting a project over the next few weeks. Details to follow.

We will be offering a matching grant to NFC members interested in our
coalition. Basically every dollar NFC members donate to the Nature
Conservancy Project will get turned to 2$. I will let folks know of the
limits and time frame after we further consult with the Nature
Conservancy and our Secretary and BOT. Just thought you email folks would
like to know whats going on.

Robert Rice NFC President
Save those Fishes,  Join the Native Fish Conservancy