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NFC: Fw: RE: Blue Pike Story

From The Canadian Guys...thought youd find it interesting.


The Kipawa River story sounds interesting, particularly in light of the
occasional and persistent reports of blue pike from Lake Nipissing.  Both
Nipissing and the Kipawa River had historical connections to the Ottawa
River.  In addition, allozyme data on walleye populations in the Ottawa
River detected anomalous populations in portions of the Ottawa.  OMNR
(Ontario Ministry of Natural Resources) has initiated a more detailed
genetic study of walleye stock structure in the Ottawa River, with
collaborative input from Quebec.  It would not be difficult to add
from Lac Kipawa and the Riviere Kipawa, although the Quebec field
may already be planned out for this year.  I will contact the OMNR
coordinator and see what he can set up.  

I admit that I'm sceptical about the existence of Lake Erie blues in
but a parallel morph is quite possible.  In any case, we will be
the putative blue pike from Nipissing with sympatric walleye, as well as
historical scale samples from Lake Erie.  If blue pike or an evolutionary
parallel are still extant, it would be a crime not to make every effort
facilitate their comeback.  


  Chris Wilson
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