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NFC: adopt-a-tank opp

	Looks like I may finally get a chance to setup a tank at a
Kindergarten/Montessori school. The kids range from 3 - 6 years old. My
aunt teaches there. 

	They had a goldfish bowl. Algae was rampant and the fish died
(probably due to lack of proper care).

	Anyway, I am thinking of a 10G tank, pea gravel, foam filter etc.
The creatures would be a small crayfish and some hardy minnows. Plants
will be floating hornwort and emersed Pothas vine. I intend to setup the
tank and train one of the staff to take care of it. I'll periodically
visit the place to make sure everything's OK.

	I can donate the tank, gravel and an old incandescent light. Can
the NFC provide the critters, sponge filter and air pump, fish food? Can
other critters (newt) be put in the same tank? What am I forgetting?