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NFC: Fw: "2001 Youth In Action/Community Service" $500-$1,500 Youth Grants Available- Deadline OCT 6, 2000

From: "YCC-Team" <ycc-team at fourhcouncil_edu>
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Date: Fri, 01 Sep 2000 15:53:02 -0400
Subject: "2001 Youth In Action/Community Service" $500-$1,500 Youth
Grants Available- Deadline OCT 6, 2000
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This grant announcement is e-mailed to State 4-H Leaders, 1890 4-H
Program Leaders, 1994 4-H Program Leaders, Extension Directors,
Foundation Directors, County Extension Offices, National Program Leaders,
Associates of National 4-H Council, and other interested youth
organizations.  It is also posted on the Youth Grants web page at
www.fourhcouncil.edu/programs/grantinfo.htm.  Please feel free to forward
this information.

The National 4-H Council Youth Grants Program offers grants for youth in
local communities, counties, and on the state level.  These grants
provide opportunities for young people and adults to take action on
issues critical to their lives, families and communities.  Youth take the
lead in writing, implementing, and evaluating funded projects. 
(Available only in the United States and Puerto Rico).
2001 Youth In Action/Community Service Grants
Deadline: October 6, 2000
$500 - $1,500

Grant Description:

Funding Provided by: Metropolitan Life Foundation

Community service project grants of $500 to $1,500 are awarded to youth
that take leadership roles and work with other youth and adults in their
communities.  Grants require youth teams to identify critical issues in
their communities, develop activities to address these issues, and
educate other young people and adults on ways to model community service.
 Youth must be actively involved inwriting the proposal and in program
implementation.  Collaborative efforts reflecting the diversity of the
community are encouraged.  Grant award funds are not to be used to
establish new 4-H clubs, or to fund leadership trainings.

Grant Schedule:

OCT 6, 2000                              Application Deadline
NOV 3, 2000                             Grant Proposal Review/Awards
NOV 2000 - MAY 2001          Grant Project Implemented.
JUNE 1, 2001                           Final report due to National 4-H
                                                      (Unsused grant
monies MUST be returned by this date.  No exceptions can                
                                                      be granted.) 
The complete application can be found at
To receive an application by mail, send a self-addressed envelope
including .55 cents postage to: Mary Stehle, National 4-H Council, Youth
in Action/Community Service Grants, 7100 Connecticut Avenue, Chevy Chase,
MD 20815.