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Re: NFC: Re: Moving Time....

On Fri, 1 Sep 2000, Norman Edelen wrote:

> Moving aquariums, especially quite a few of them is a horrible chore,
> and I think is one the things that really makes membership in an
> aquarium society worthwhile.  As a club member, you have access to
> experienced fishkeepers who are usually willing to help you move,
> especially as many know that someday they will need similar help.  
> Our club has an unofficial "moving team" of apartment dwelling
> aquarists who are usually willing to aid one in this undertaking.

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> From: Dakota <dakota at star-telegram_com>
> Subject: NFC: Moving Time....
> Hi All... I need some pointers on how to move several large tanks. I will be
> moving from Ft. Worth to Austin very soon and I have never moved an aquarium

	Good point, Norm. I thought of that too but since Charles is
moving to another city, it may not apply to him.