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NFC: Re: Moving Time....

Hello All,

I think that everyone on the list has aquariums that will occasionally (or
eventually) have to be moved, so I don't think this thread will be off
topic.  I know that moving my aquariums is always my biggest concern when I
get a new apartment.

My advice is empty everything out of the large tanks if they are glass.
Even the gravel.  I have never moved yet without having a large tank blow a
seam.  I used to leave the gravel in them when I moved, and I suspect that
was the cause of the seal failure.  Just don't chance it.  If they are
acrylic tanks, then leave the gravel in, but remove all the rocks and wood,

Try keep the tanks as level as possible, even going up or down stairs.  Try
to set the tanks on a flat surface during the move, and watch that any loose
pieces of gravel don't get underneath the tanks.  I don't like to set the
big tanks on car seats.  Try to find someone with a mini-van or similar
vehicle to help.  If you have any strong plywood around, make a traveling
base for the large tanks.  This can simply be heavy plywood cut slightly
larger than the footprint of the large tank.  This gives the tank even
support while it is being handled.  You can even cut out holes to use as

Small tanks are less critical, and I will often leave the gravel in them.

Moving aquariums, especially quite a few of them is a horrible chore, and I
think is one the  things that really makes membership in an aquarium society
worthwhile.   As a club member, you have access to experienced fishkeepers
who are usually willing to help you move, especially as many know that
someday they will need similar help.  Our club has an unofficial "moving
team" of apartment dwelling aquarists who are usually willing to aid one in
this undertaking.


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Hi All... I need some pointers on how to move several large tanks. I will be
moving from Ft. Worth to Austin very soon and I have never moved an aquarium
without  a complete teardown. I would like to move them as a unit instead of
destroying all I have worked for... My planted tanks are finally sustaining
themselves and doing good and I would like to keep it that way. I would
appreciate all helpful pointers on this .... Reply to me privately so we can
keep the list on topic unless we talk about all the darters,minnows and
sunfish I am currently keeping...   :O)  Thanks in advance...
BTW... 75 Gal... 2-- 55 Gal. and more 20's and 10's than I want to admit
to..  :O)
Charles A.