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NFC: Re: Native Fish Keeping

I would like to thank all who answered my inquiry.  I had already ordered
the book North American Native Fishes before I sent the message to the list.
It has been shipped.

I will try to determine what fishes I have from the lake.  It will be a
while before they are large enough to put in the larger tank.  I only have a
pair of old Discus that I will be concerned about If I decide to put the
native fish into the 125 gal tank.  I have first to be able to raise the
minnows.  One of the catfish died yesterday.

Paul, yes we did have fun.  You suggest that I may not have minnows.  I
believe that they are this springs spawn, a lot of different fish spawn in
the plants and Lilly pads in front of our cottage each year.

Thanks to all,