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Re: NFC: RE: Moving Time....

	Forgot to add, if you have plants, add water in the tank ASAP. I
forgot to add water in one tank for a couple of days and the plants
practically dried to death. 


 On Wed, 30 Aug 2000, Sajjad Lateef wrote:

> 	I have moved twice so far. I moved my 10G tanks with a couple of
> inches of water and all the plants, gravel intact (no big rocks). The
> larger tanks were emptied except the gravel. The fish transported in
> buckets. The filters and some rocks in buckets of tank water. I had my
> portable pump going all the time in the fish buckets. 
> 	I have lost a couple of fish every time. Including some fish that
> I really really liked. So, be prepared. 
> Sajjad 
> On Wed, 30 Aug 2000, Paul Sachs wrote:
> > :)  Seems to me this is perfect for this forum.  My suggestion is to remove
> > as much water as possible leaving only enough to cover the bottom roots.
> > And remove all the big stuff, rocks, whatever, leaving as little gravel you
> > can.  A tank can travel if secured and flat with about 2-4 inches of water
> > without making too much a mess, but the 55's will be heavy :) Remove the
> > fish/inverts too, and put them in bags or other suitable travel containers.
> > They can even sit in the bags in the aquariums if you want and it doesn't
> > smush the plants. I assume you will not be moving all those tanks with
> > water?  That would be a chore and a half :)  I have successfully moved many
> > tanks this way.  The most critical time is moving the tank itself into and
> > out of the back seat of a car (not possible on some cars :) Still things
> > happen.  My recommendation is to bite the bullet, and just bag it all up :)
> > The plants can travel without water (just really moist,) and the fish will
> > be much happier for it too.  Oh, you may want to cover it just incase you
> > make a 'sloshy' turn..... The less water the better.
> > 
> > Good luck, and don't curse your stars if you break the tank.  It's a
> > distinct possibility :(
> > 
> > Paul
> > 
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> > Hi All... I need some pointers on how to move several large tanks. I will be
> > moving from Ft. Worth to Austin very soon and I have never moved an aquarium
> > without  a complete teardown. I would like to move them as a unit instead of
> > destroying all I have worked for... My planted tanks are finally sustaining
> > themselves and doing good and I would like to keep it that way. I would
> > appreciate all helpful pointers on this .... Reply to me privately so we can
> > keep the list on topic unless we talk about all the darters,minnows and
> > sunfish I am currently keeping...   :O)  Thanks in advance...
> > BTW... 75 Gal... 2-- 55 Gal. and more 20's and 10's than I want to admit
> > to..  :O)
> > Charles A.
> > 
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